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Draft EU Artificial Intelligence to be Monitored by Monaco Players on the EU Market

By July 27, 2021Monaco News

The EU has recently released a draft regulation on artificial intelligence (AI) which contemplates to classify and regulate AI systems depending on a risk-based approach. Such draft regulation is designed to have extra territorial effect and IA-based system providers located in third countries to the EU, such as Monaco should monitor the discussions regarding such draft EU regulation.

The Government-lead project Extended Monaco is contemplated to raise AI applications in the Principality for nationals, residents as well as other temporary users, in a wide range of sectors such as transportation, health, hospitality, tourism and culture.

We regularly assist tech companies with respect to the rolling-out of innovative and AI-based projects. Vincent de Bonnafos, one of our lawyers is a member of DL4T a research project in Nice University leading in the field of regulations applicable to AI and deep technologies.

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