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Tax aspects and implications of corporate and real estate transactions

DL Corporate & Regulatory can advise on all tax aspects and implications in the various transactions and projects the Firm is involved. We regularly advise on tax structures in corporate and financial transactions including on permanent establishment issues and cross-border activities.

We regularly carry out tax due diligence and reviews in the context of acquisitions and disposals.

DL Corporate also advises on issues around CRS, OCDE tax information exchange regulations and tax features of specific projects. The Firm has recently completed the tax analysis, including deductibility of interest, write offs, registration taxes applicable to the issuing of new instruments in connection with structuring innovative hybrid instruments for Additional Tier 1 (AT1) financing under European Banking Authority (EBA) capital requirements – CRR/CRD IV.

We regularly assist clients on:

  • Corporate tax advice in connection with acquisitions, disposals and setting-up of companies in Monaco including capital gains structuring and tax registration issues.
  • Tax analysis for cross-border activities and permanent establishment assessment.
  • M&A tax advice including pre-acquisition or sale due diligence.
  • Tax registration issues in corporate and real estate transactions including changes in beneficial owner(s).
  • Private Banking specific legal and tax advice.
  • Tax implications of life insurance contracts
  • Legal and tax advice on deductibility of financial instruments as Additional Tier 1 capital.
  • Tax aspects of turnaround management.