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International Women’s Day in Monaco – legal step towards gender equality

By March 8, 2021Monaco News

The Principality of Monaco supports women’s rights. On 23 February 2021, a new draft bill on the promotion and protection of women’s rights was introduced before the Monaco Parliament. The bill aims to amend and delete from Monaco legislation all obsolete and gender-unequal provisions.

The following categories of obsolete provisions will be amended or deleted from the Monaco legal and regulatory framework:

  • those which do not take into account the evolution and modifications of Monaco laws such as the old marital dowry regime,
  • the terminologies referring to the outdated status of Monaco society such as the provisions referring to a patriarchal conception of the family, and
  • those that do not take into account certain scientific progress especially seen through the prism of women’s rights such as the old waiting period where divorced or widowed women cannot enter into a new marriage.

The Principality is progressing towards the implementation of Women’s rights. Monaco has signed the United Nations and European Council conventions to fight violence and discrimination against women and to promote gender equality. A further step had been made with the creation of a Committee for the promotion and protection of women’s rights (“Comité pour la Promotion et la Protection des Droits des Femmes”) on 25 October 2018 with numerous and active actions in favour of women’s rights. Find more here.

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Happy Women’s Day today and always!