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Advises on contracts with public entities

Monaco is undergoing major reshaping with significant public works and offshore extension (new area reclaimed on the sea). These projects are opportunities for local and global players with legal issues over public tenders, digitalization, construction works and IT projects.

The Principality is committed to environmental protection and recently adopted a pledge in favor of energy transition and certifications for environmentally responsible companies.

Our firm advises on contracts with public entities, from pre-tender submission to awarding procedures, including factoring of receivables of public entities, immunity of jurisdiction and execution issues.

We assist local and global players in tender strategies, formalizing offers either in the context of public tenders or in innovative case-by-case proposals. We can also provide assistance to Monaco entities willing to get involved in the fight against climate change and apply for Monaco and international certifications.

We regularly assist clients on:

  • Advising on Monaco public law issues, contracting with governmental entities and questions of immunity and enforcement.
  • Assisting in pre-tender strategy and on Monaco public procurement policies in a wide range of sectors, including new technology services and infrastructure works.
  • Assisting in the preparation of responses to public tender offers.
  • Preparing formal and informal notifications to Monaco authorities on the rolling out of international digital projects and/or experimentations.
  • Analyzing the validity and enforceability of transfers of receivables of Monaco public debtors and factoring service agreements.
  • Drafting and follow-up on label/certification applications for Monaco companies in respect of either Monaco or international standards.
  • Advising and preparing formal notifications to Monaco authorities on the setting up of charitable associations and or foundations.