Advising on Franchising,  Licensing & Distribution

Legal advice on licensing, distribution, agency and business expansion systems with a focus on franchising.

Our Firm and Remi Delforge in particular are often involved in the preparation and structuring of franchise agreements and negotiations.

Our lawyers have been consistently rated in Who’s Who as “Franchising Lawyer of the Year” in Monaco and France. 

We often recommend Franchising as an expansion strategy:

  • Advising on overall franchising structure and adapting to French and Monaco legal requirements.
  • Drafting specific contractual documentation such as Distribution and Franchise Agreements, including Master Franchising, Developmental Agreements, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Concession Agreements, disclosure and pre-contractual agreements (DIP), supply agreements and structuring.
  • Assisting clients in contractual negotiations including supply, cooperation and commission arrangements.
  • Drafting and review of disclosure statements and standardization of franchise disclosure documentation.
  • Independent Agent Agreement for distribution in film and entertainment industries.